Saturday, 26 March 2016

The last of the egg-ventures?

I am surprised that we are still able to do some real Easter egg hunting here. The Easter Bumny is around, it seems!

Little Miss has been searching for Easter eggs in her room, because a friend found some in his room. She did not find any, but there were some in the garden...

The friend said he planted some small eggs, and got a big Easter egg the following day. Guess what happened here? The same! Can you believe it?

The Easter Bunny even left a note!

We had some Easter egg hunting here tonight, and the Easter Bunny is going to come around very early tomorrow morning. (One of the perks of complex living!)

Are you still doing Easter egg hunting, and at what age does it stop?


  1. we spread the eggs out over 3 days! but I think you had a lot of fun. When did you stop with your elder daughter? We are not doing so much fantasy with Nicky - he hid the eggs and I had to look for them and then I hid them for him.

  2. Mine does not believe in the bunny any more - so now they hide for each other to still have the fun. And we do the night time one - because fun!


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