Monday, 14 March 2016

She only slept for 1 minute and she could not find her toothbrush

That's the Voortrekkers, of course!

Little Miss had her first "camp" on Saturday in the school hall without her parents! 

I should not have bothered to pack a bag, because she came back in the same clothes. Next time all that is needed is to send a jacket with a tootbrush.

I tried to ignore my own birthday on Saturday (the number gets scarier each year), but I did not want to spend it in a sleeping bag in a hall full of giggling children... 

Little Miss was fine (she forgot about us as as soon as we arrived), and quite chuffed that she had to stay by herself!

She told us the next day that she slept for 1 minute during the night, because a parent was snoring. She also could not find her toothbrush or her flashlight. (I packed her suitcase with her help. *sigh*)

But she had a great time and that's all that matters!

Photo by Marlize.


  1. ...en so word hulle onafhanklik...maar terselfdertyd bly hulle ons babas xx

  2. Ah ja, dis die Voortrekkers. Groot pret

  3. I'm so glad she had a good time! I think you made a good decision not sleeping there!


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