Thursday, 31 March 2016

The three most important things to handle a melt-down

It is no secret that Little Miss has really struggled with melt-downs, and we are not out of the woods yet...
Although it is MUCH better!

Her teachers have always said that she is "over-emotional" or most recently that she is a very "sensitive soul". They seem to manage her very well when it gets too much! (So lucky to have such great teachers!) 

We have also learnt to handle it better!

The 3 most important things to handle a melt-down:

1. She is unable to process the situation. She is not naughty! She needs your help and understanding and sympathy! Sit with her when she allows you or calls to you!

2. It is not about you, the adult/parent! She is not trying to defy you! Don't make it about you!

3. Learn her coping mechanisms, but not while the melt-down is in progress. Discuss coping mechanisms such as time-outs/hitting of cushions/screaming. She gets to choose her own coping mechanism for next time!

What coping mechanism can you recommend for that melt-down of tantrum?

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