Wednesday, 8 November 2017

Summer Coughs and Prospan - Giveaway

summer coughs
Prospan Cough Syrup
Is a summer cough normal? 

Apparently, summer comes with it's own challenges. That's why we are still struggling with runny noses and coughing at night. There's nothing more exasperating than those coughs that keeps a Little Miss awake! You would think that the heat and bright summer days would chase away all the bugs and that we would get a breather from the winter. But, no! We are struggling to put her to bed at night...
(Which means we do not get a wind-down time at night before going to bed ourselves! Which means we, the parents, are also more tired that usual!)

Prospan sent me a goody package, as well as the same giveaway package to give to one reader!

Some tips on how to treat a summer cough...

How to treat a summer cough

(To prevent it from worsening into a bacterial infection)


1. Treat it sooner rather than later! Bed-rest does not happen as easily as in winter, but try to get more of it, and even taking a day!

2. Prevention is better! Get rid of dust mites which increases in summer: Clean bookshelves, corners and other places more thoroughly. Wash bedding, rugs and curtains in hot water to get rid of dust mites and other possible allergens.  If you are lucky enough to have an air-conditioner, keep the humidity in the house between 30% and 50% and by keeping your doors and windows close. An air purifier is also a good option.

3. Astma, sinusitus or hay fever sufferers should check the pollen levels, especially when planning a getaway, as you could end up with an uncomfortable cough! Change the destination, or take extra precaution with your medicine kit.

4. When you are stuck with the cough already, drink plenty of fluids. This prevents dehydration, maintains fluids and eases a sore throat!

5. Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables to help fight the symptoms and build up immunity!

Prospan, non-sedating
6. Keep a safe cough syrup on hand, such as Prospan which contains no harmful ingredients and is safe and effective for the whole family. Ingredients in many over-the-counter syrups can cause uncomfortable and harmful side effects, so it’s important to use the safest possible cough syrup available. Consult with the doctor or pharmacist for the best possible medication.

7. Visit the doctor when the cough persists!

Check out Prospan if you want to know more about the healing properties.

Prospan goodie bag

I have one bag of Prospan goodies to give away. It consists of:
  • 2 Prospan cough syrups
  • 3 in one FROG activity book 
  • 1 packet of coloured crayons
  • 2 lollipops
  • 1 Nestle Chocolate Aero Peppermint (Of course it helps for any cough ;-) )
- Please comment below to win!
- Only open to South African residents.
- This giveaway will run from 8 November 2017 13:00 until 15 November 2017 at 13:00.
- The winner will be decided by
- If you have won in the previous 3 months, you will not be eligible for this giveaway.

This competition is now closed!

Congrats to Anthea who is the lucky winner!


  1. have been using prospan for year always helps.

  2. Would love to try this for my little guy!

  3. I thought this running nose and little cough were just a thing of my daughter and I. Noted, must drink loads of fluids.

  4. Prospan has become a staple in our household answer what great is that it's suitable for the whole family.

  5. We love Prospan in my home. My kids don't put up a fuss to take it and I have used it too and it even worked for me!

  6. We absolutely love prospan! We all use it. Definitely a must for every home!

  7. Wow amazing giveaway, would love to win this for my boys.

    1. Congrats, Anthea! You are the lucky winner! Please send me your email, delivery address and phone details at karen toit toit at gmail dot com

  8. Thank you so much, I really appreciate it.


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