Friday, 3 November 2017

A Saturday night in another city

We had a most interesting Saturday night last week. The Voortrekkers had a Zoo Snooze at the Pretoria Zoo, and Little Miss HAD to be there!

Zoo Snooze at Pretoria Zoo - tents being set up

We decided to make it a date night, as we did not have many of those this past year! I looked up budget deals, and came across Tsogo Sun's Sun1 budget stays. I should have looked elsewhere as well, but the pictures did not look too bad, and the price was as budget as can get!

(The inner city is very scary, especially near the Pretoria Zoo and our budget stay!)

It was a bit of a shock to find our accommodation! It's not bad, but it is very small! It is also clean! It looks like we were staying in an overnight train compartment. Sorry, I did not take photos! I should have! The thinking was that we were only there for a short while, as the kids had to be out of the Zoo by 7:30 the next morning... (I was thinking about families fleeing for their lives and that kind of accommodation would have been an absolute blessing! So I won't say anything more...)

So we stayed out very late. We found Brooklyn Square and Tribeca and Starbucks, and all was right in this world!

Tribeca in Brooklyn Square
Jack Black craft beer at Tribeca
We shared the Tribeca vegetarian platter as a starter, but it was big enough for a meal for two! With a bottle of wine it was more than enough.
Tribeca vegetarian platter
 We went to the Starbucks for our coffee and sweets.

Starbucks macaroon
Starbucks cappuccino
Of course I only have a photo of Hubby, but I promise I was there as well ;-)
All in all, we had a great time in the midst of Pretoria city!

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