Monday, 13 November 2017

Mom and daughter dates are also needed

Little Miss asked yesterday that we go on a shopping trip alone!

I was planning to go to the shops quickly for the weekly lunch-box shopping in any case. So we just had to agree on the best shopping spot. She wanted to go to China Mall, but I convinced her to go to the newly opened West Pack Lifestyle (big-plastic-and-everything-you-can-think-of-supposed-to-be-cheaper-shop). It was a win-win for both of us, and she got a free balloon at West Pack. We also could do the lunch-box shopping at the nearby Woollies and get that cappuccino!

It made me realize that I must make more time to spend alone with Little Miss. She needs the one-on-one attention. I had more alone time with the eldest when she was growing up as it was only us two. We had many outings and dates all on our own. Little Miss asked out of her own need yesterday. I think I will ask her each month what she wants to do.

Mom and daughter dates need to be on the calendar, as well as date nights with Hubby.
My first resolution for the new year!

Do you make time for each of your children?
What do you usually do on a date with them?


  1. Lotsbof good deals there! I did not know there was a woolworths there? But I am glad you dpent time with Little Miss.

    1. It made me realise the importance of one-on-one time! 😃


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