Thursday, 25 May 2017

SnapnSave app review - It helps buying the end of month groceries!

SnapnSave app

It seems SnapnSave has been around since 2015, but I only heard about it this year! Our budget has been severely stretched this year, and we had to make use of all the opportunities we can get when buying groceries.

SnapnSave is an app that allows you to pre-select your grocery list on the app, and to get cash back on each of the items. It depends on each item, but it helps.

I wanted to wait until I had redeemed my first cask-back on the app before I did a quick review. I am pleased to report that is was a quick and easy process. The cashier knew what I was talking about, and I could just punch in the code that the app generated. We got groceries worth R150 this past weekend! Total score!

I would love for there to be more products to be booked on the app. Also the weekly groceries such as bread, milk and eggs are usually all booked out. But it helps to go back just before entering the shop. Or while shopping ticking off the products!

What I have also found is that I have bought items that I would not have previously bought. I booked some items that I knew we would be able to use, and now I am sold on Quorn and Fry's pre-packaged vegan and vegetarian option, where before I would not have know about it! (For example!)

The app is free to download. The SnapnSave website has an option to enter your mobile number and they send the link of the app to your phone! All the biggest grocery stores are included, such as PicknPay, Checkers and Spar. I see on the app that a total of 1044 shops in South Africa are included.

You can use my code Karend870 to get a free R10 immediately loaded on the app when you sign up.

This is not even for the frugal of us anymore! Living expenses are out of control!

Read more here: How it works

Disclaimer: I was not paid to write this review.

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  1. When they use your code, YOU will get R10 when they make their first snap.


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