Wednesday, 30 May 2018

The first exams are here

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To say that I am scared is an understatement. I am scared of Grade 4 exams. Grade 4 has been a culture shock, and we are still reeling.

We did not have much time to prepare for the past few weeks. It was netball, and choir and Voortrekkers, and other homework to finish as well... And the weekends were busy, and it took hours of convincing Miss fine that it is better to work on subjects that needs learning, and not so much mathematics which you only need to understand. Guess what she loves the most to do? Mathematics, but that's not going to help with History and the rest. *sigh*

I never prepared days and weeks before exams. I remember that I used to get up earlier with the eldest to quickly go through her work in the morning before she wrote. Why does it seems so much more difficult now?

It feels like it is so much much more work to get through, and the work is also much more advanced. Maybe it's just a feeling, and not the truth?

For my own sanity I just need to step back? Help her as far as I can, and sign off and give her back to herself. She needs to take responsibility herself.

Miss Fine, I am sure you will be fine! You are telling me that you enjoy doing well, and that it is nice to study. I am holding thumbs, and toes, and we will help you as far as possible.

What do you think?

How are you coping with Grade 4?

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