Wednesday, 2 May 2018

14th Anniversary - we are still having fun together

Note with text "Love you to the moon and back" on David Tlale stationery
"Love You to the Moon and Back"
Thank you, dear Hubby! There is nothing like an anniversary of taking stock of your relationship and of what is important. We celebrated our 14th yesterday. It really goes by too quick (*sic*). Life feels a bit harsh at this moment, but we can still go home to each other and our home, and slay life from our protective family nest.

WE are still having fun together (check the Instagram photos), and laughing together!

Yesterday we celebrated our anniversary by going to one of our favourite places. The Craft Beer Library in Linden is on the Entertainer app. That's usually how we decide our once-a-month eating-out destination. By checking what's on the app. They have the best food ever, and they make a great lentil curry and veggie burger for me. Usually we can't do more than tasting two new beers each, but there will be a next time...

We have a Worker's Day to celebrate our anniversary each year. Next year we will not be here, as it will be past The Wedding of our engaged couple. That's what we told each other yesterday. ;-) It's not a hint. The Wedding is our focus this year, and we are saving and planning with the couple.

What did you do over the long weekend?

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