Thursday, 24 May 2018

What would she do?

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There are so many women who are inspiring, and who make's you question your own life - your existential existence. (Said with a wry smile.)  I know it's not good to put a person on a pedestal, as we are surely to be disappointed. But I find myself regularly asking myself: What will she do?

She doesn't know that I admire her courage and zest and compassion for life. She is just one of those woman that does everything and does it well. When there's something on at school, she's there. She signs up to help with all the parenting tasks at school. She is instrumental in organising charity drives. And she has her own business, as well. When there is a fun run, she helps, she runs and she wins the woman's race. *Jaw drops* She also has three girls, which includes a twin pair. All the parents trust their children with her. When she goes with, we all sigh a breath of relief as we know they will be well looked after. She's always friendly, and makes sure to greet everybody. Everybody likes her. I haven't met any person who does not know or not like her. She's an inspiration!

Why it's good to have an inspiring person to look up to:

1. If she can do it, the rest of us can probable do it as well.
2. There's no excuses for not signing up.
3. If she is always friendly and happy-go-lucky, we can be as well.
4. If she can cope with her heavy workload, we can do as well.
5. If she can be there, rain or shine, we can to.
6. She helps me in aspiring to do better and be better.

Do you also know inspiring women like this?

Thanks, Tanya! You are my hero!

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