Thursday, 31 May 2018

It's a vegetarian life

Vegetarian lifestyle text over plate of green salad
Vegetarian lifestyle
It's amusing to hear people's response on being a vegetarian. It's as if they have to defend their own meat-eating lifestyle. I don't mind other people being meat-eaters. As far as I am concerned we are responsible for our own health and well-being. I used to be a meat-eater for half of my life, and I cannot impose my change of mind on anybody. The same with religion.

I am being a vegetarian for myself, my health and being kind to animals, our fellow living creatures on the planet. I would not be able to look back at my life, and say that I should have... One thing that I can tick off for life!

I am not struggling to be a vegetarian. There's always an option, and I have become used to take food along when I know there won't be much vegetarian options. I always have to shake my head when people ask about my protein intake. That is one of the most common responses, or queries. :-)

I have been building a Pinterest Board about all the come-backs about being vegetarian. It seems it is common. What don't you know about being vegetarian?

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