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Meet the Fingerlings Baby Unicorns - WIN

Fingerlings Baby Unicorn in hand
She's Gigi, a  Fingerlings Baby Unicorn

There are new Fingerlings on the toy scene. We are playing with Gigi, the Fingerling Baby Unicorn who loves to grab onto things, especially your fingers. This smart pet responds to noise, motion and touch with special unicorn sounds. The sounds and the responses do differ, and it takes a while to learn all 40 animations. (She comes with a manual.)

Gigi has adorable blinking eyes and her head turns in response if you pet her, rock her to sleep or hold her upside down. You can blow her a kiss, and she will kiss you right back! You can also brush her soft rainbow mane and tail and she has a tiny horseshoe on her rump. She is a magical friend at your fingertips!

Girl kisses Fingerlings Baby Unicorn
Fingerlings Baby Unicorn - she's so kissable

Miss Fine loves playing with her, and has made her her own house in a box, with bed and everything. I have to share it on Instagram, but here was the first meeting.

According to Chiquita Patrizi, the Marketing Executive of Prima Toys, the Fingerlings have become a phenomenon because they touch on a number of rising trends. “Shortly after they launched the Fingerlings went to the top of the favourite toy list. They are quite unique and they’re also part of a bigger range making them fun to collect. The robotic aspect also adds strong play value to the toy. Furthermore, the new additions are right on trend in terms of theme and colour – who doesn’t love glitter and unicorns!” says Patrizi.
3 Fingerlings Baby Unicorn on one hand
Fingerlings Baby Unicorns 

Fingerlings are ideal for ages five years and older. They were already the part of the Prima Top Toys for girls last season. They seem to stay on that list. Keep a lookout for  the new Fingerlings  Glitter Monkeys as well. More awesome Fingerlings are coming later in the year.


1. To win your very own Fingerling Baby Unicorn, comment below and tell me why you think your child would enjoy playing with their own Fingerling?
2. Share this competition on any social media platform, but comment below and tell me where you shared with your handle. That will earn you an extra entry in the competition. (It will be checked)

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Meet the new Fingerlings Baby Unicorns on MomAgain40 and WIN via @PrimaToys @karentoittoit

This competition will run for a week and end on 28 May at 12pm. The winner will be announced here and on MomAgain@40 Facebook Page.
This competition is open to South African residents only.
The prize is not transferable.
If you have won here in the past 3 months you will not be eligible to win this competition.

Fingerlings are available at Hamleys, Lilliputs, Toy Kingdom, ToyZone, Toys R Us and Checkers.
For more information go to or

Recommended retail price R499.99

Disclaimer: We were given Gigi, the Fingerlings Baby Unicorn, to review and keep.
Prima Toys has made available one more Fingerlings Baby Unicorn to give away here.

                                             Congrats to Yvette Henning who have won the
                                                                       Fingerlings Baby Unicorn


  1. My Daughter is always playing in her own world full of unicorns .She would love a fingerling.

  2. Shared on Twitter @aidankew


  3. My baby would enjoy playing with them because
    they are so adorable and cute plus she loves dolls.


  4. My baby would enjoy playing with them because
    they are so adorable and cute plus she loves dolls.


  5. My baby would enjoy playing with them because
    they are so adorable and cute plus she loves dolls.

  6. Shared on Facebook as Nthabiseng Juju Motlhala

  7. Little Allyson would love this.
    Sharing on Twitter

  8. As these Fingerlings will enhance and encourage imaginative play, and I think that any child will love this. Shared on Twitter (@flutterbymegs)

  9. They look WAY better and are more functional than the fidget spinners the kids are obsessed with. Also helps that it is a unicorn - kids are obsessed with anything unicorn thanks to Agnes from Despicable Me!Shared on twitter @shanithatsme

  10. My daughter loves Unicorn and she loves playing with her dolls and talk to her dolls. So I think she will just love playing with this, and communicating with her Fingerlings Unicorn. Shared on Twitter and Facebook @BrewisTania; Tania Brewis

  11. My daughter loves unicorns and she Enjoys imaginative play and taking care of her toys so this would be a great match!

  12. Shared on Twitter @LisaTrollip Thanks :)

  13. Oh my gosh.. these unicorn babies are so cute.. and my daughter is absolutely besotted with unicorns. She already threw out a hint for one these fingerlings for her birthday coming up in July so I know she would cherish this. And that they are so interactive is awesome. she will have endless fun :-) shared on twitter @lynnandjp

  14. They are so cute, my daughter would love these.She has such a imagination and with her birthday coming up end of may it would be such a cool suprise (lol and mommy brownie points).She is in the cute , cuddly unicorn phase so this would be perfect. Shared on twitter handle is: andreabester2

  15. My little girl would love this.. she loves unicorns.. and these are adorable, especially the interaction, technology today is amazing. shared on twitter @botha_jp6

  16. My granddaughter would love this, she love little toys that they can carry around, especially ones that can actually have reactions to what you do. Lovely prize. shared on twitter @jenny_mammajo
    My name is Jenny Nieuwenhuys

  17. My nieces are both 5 years old. And they Love anything to do with Unicorns, they would absolutely love Fingerlings expecially with their imagination... their very own 'pets' to go on adventures with. :) shared on Twitter-

  18. Ah these are so cute!! My daughter is a little young for this, but would love this for my little niece, shes 4 and would have hours of fun playing with it!

  19. My daughter would love the unicorn fingerling... firstly she has recently become obsessed with unicorns so having this would really make her so happy. Secondly ever since she saw the fingerlings on tv she has been nagging me for one he he.
    Shared on twitter @raggie_786

  20. Yvette Henning28 May 2018 at 11:40

    I think this would give my daughter hours and hours of fun. She loves unicorns, and it is such a cute concept, so unusual and unique.

  21. Yvette Henning28 May 2018 at 11:40

    shared on twitter @YvetteH98825021

    1. Good day Yvette How lucky are you? The last entry and you are the winner. Please send me your email address?

    2. Yvette Henning28 May 2018 at 13:12

      Oh wow thank you so much :-) I can't believe this :-) my email address is


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