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Future Nation Schools spearheading the African education revolution

Exterior of Future Nation School Walls in Fleurhof
Future Nation School in Fleurhof

Future Nation Schools are an exciting new private venture in schooling in South Africa. Their preschools and primary schools are based in Lyndhurst and Fleurhof with another preschool in Randburg. These private schools use the project based learning method in their schools with their preschools being Montessori focused. I had the pleasure of visiting the Future Nation School in Fleurhof, and was inspired by the architectural outlay of the school premises, as well as the educational zest of the teachers.

Buildings of Future Nations Schools in Fleurhof, with signange in front
Future Nations Schools - Fleurhof
Education is the best way there is to change and take control of circumstances. Education changes a person's life, and through that person the world is changing. The access to knowledge is through the click of a button. Education is rapidly evolving to produce students who are not only skilled enough to deal with these changes, but are also more innovative and creative in coming up with solutions to our current challenges.

Future Nation Schools’ aim is to spearhead the African education revolution by providing a model that is both futuristic, technology enabled and epitomises excellence in Africa!

The strategic intent of Future Nation Schools is to produce future African leaders who are passionate, excel in what they do, are ready for the 21st century and are confident in themselves.

The vision is to build a network of affordable private schools across South Africa, and the rest of Africa. The excellence of the education is characterised by: student-centered learning, high academic standards, problem-solving skills, a focus on applied research and development (including project-based teaching and learning), innovation, leadership, entrepreneurship and African studies. Future Nation Schools targets a 100% university entrance qualification in every graduating class.

Future Nation Schools focus on the five Education Trends identified for 2018: e-learning, hands-on learning, social-emotional learning, new roles for teachers as guides and a special focus on early literacy. 
Graphic of Education Trends 2018
Education Trends 2018 - Future Nation Schools

Future Nation Schools aims to prepare students to excel and succeed in their personal and professional life through:

  •     Creating a solid foundation (empowerment, self-discipline, responsibility,        resilience and confidence)
  •     Commitment to identifying children’s unique needs and talents
  •     Preparing students to live and work in a modern, ever-changing and global environment
  •     Employing the best academic talent (traditional and non-traditional teachers)
  •     Promoting diversity in our academic staff and students
  •     Promoting continuous learning
  •     Providing access to the best global content
  •     Providing learning spaces which are modern and aesthetically pleasing

It was a pleasure to meet with Mampho Langa (Head of Schools), Xolani Sithemjwa (Head Teacher Sciences) and Thokozani Mhlanga (Intermediate Phase Head) at Fleurhof Future Nation School. They are very proud of the project-based teaching method where the students are learning through their own inquiry.

Xolani Sithemjwa, Mampho Langa and Thokozani Mhlanga at Future Nation Schools sign
Xolani Sithemjwa, Mampho Langa and Thokozani Mhlanga

Inside a classroom. The ample space and interior ambiance makes it a creative learning space which we want for all our children.
Classroom interior at Future Nations School
Grade 3 Classroom
Here are some of the inspiring projects that the students had to research and produce with an overlapping of subjects.
Mask on wall
Cultural masks

Organs of the human body on display
Organs of the human body
Grade 3 project with recyclable objects

Map of South African provinces
Project of the provinces which lights up (electronics)

The Fleurhof Future Nation School stands as a beacon in the surrounding community. The future looks bright from here. It is well worth checking out when looking for excellence in education, but  also affordable.  Which gets a huge thumbs up!

View from Fleurhof Future Nations School
View from Fleurhof Future Nation School

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