Monday, 25 June 2018

Disney on Ice - Dream Big this year

Disney princesses and princes in final scene of Disney on Ice Dream Big
Disney on Ice at Ticketpro Dome
We were at the opening night of Disney on Ice at the Ticketpro Dome on Friday night. It was a great way to start the holidays. Families, young and old, big and small. All were there, and all had a great time.

The show is getting better and better each year. We are looking at highlights of Disney one after the other. All the Disney princesses and princes from the great stories are included, and although we thought we could not handle another Frozen, the whole Dome was singing with gusto "Let it Go" together on Friday night. Your kids will totally thank you for taking them.

Follow the #DisneyOnIce and #DreamBig hashtags on social media to get more of the Wow!, but it is not the same if you are not there.

Totally a must-do for the holidays!

Beware of all the Disney goodies that's on sale, though! The Disney stock is so cute/must have, you will have a hard time to say no when there. We are well prepared by now, and warn Miss Fine to taker her own pocket money if she wants buy something. (It helps, because her money, and our pockets stay intact!).

Disclaimer: We were invited to opening night by Showtime Management and Deb Publicist.
Thanks so much!

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