Thursday, 21 June 2018

Dog breaths in the house

Dogs with dentastix in mouth
Time for "tooth-brushing" with Dentastix
The dog dynamics in the family has changed considerably this past year. Some of us still miss our Benji Yorkie very much. But our Pavement Special takes it in her stride. She is very much spoilt, and has earned a spot next to our beds in the evening. She only jumps up early mornings when the alarm goes off, and we are trying to get in an extra 10 minutes.

The Eldest has gotten two dogs this year. They are both Pekingese breeds, and both come from situations that were not as favourable. My daughter is very much involved with Peke Rescue SA, and has helped them with their social media, as well as get some of the dogs a home. She has done her bit as well with adopting one. Sometimes they stay with us, and sometimes they are at my daughter's fiance's house. They were so much spoilt, because she took them everywhere, even to work, but now she has taken up a new job. Luckily the two keeps each other company during the day. Our Pavement Special are not as impressed with them, but she tolerates them when they visit.

We did not know much of the the Pekingese breed before this, but they are lovely and very intelligent dogs. They are also great with children, and as companions. They are very cute!

Dogs with Dentastix
Pavement Special and Peki's with Dentastix - check the eyes

We got the Pedigree Dentastix as a blog drop a while ago. The dogs sees it as a treat, but it helps with dental care. Apparently we should be brushing our dogs teeth also every day. (Cue "guilt") We are not doing it, but feeding them the Dentastix helped me feel a bit better. Their breaths are more palatable after chewing on it. Because smelly breaths give an indication of teeth health. (Cue "guilt" again)

Box with Pedigree Dentastix and wording "You brush, they chew"
You brush, they chomp (Pedigree Dentastix)

Do you brush your dog's teeth?

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