Friday, 15 June 2018

M.O.B. - Mother Of the Bride

Purple and black Truworths dress hanging on wall
Wedding - MOB Dress-ready
The excitement is gaining momentum in the family. In less than two months we are going to have a WEDDING. I am going to be "Mother of the Bride". I am going to be MOB (He-He saw this on t-shirts, and quite like it). It is not a scary or a sad concept. I love it! I have a daughter, the Eldest,  who has found her Love, and she is happy. What more can I ask for? Nothing.

I have the Eldest as my proof that I got one human being successful out into the world. Every time I feel I am failing as a parent, I can point to her.

Everything is slowly but surely falling into place. After the engagement, the big wheels of wedding planning started. The venue is booked. The wedding dress is ready. The places to stay is booked for most of the wedding party. We wanted to keep it small, but of course it escalated. It is going to be the whole Rustic Wedding function with the works.

Miss Fine and I went to search for our dresses in Truworths. That we did in two hours. Because I have a card, and because we like their clothes. My dress is going to get a fluffy jacket, because it will still be winter. I can't wait to wear it. We still need to find a jacket for Miss Fine. I also need black pointy boots or high heel shoes. But that's just fun!

We can't wait!

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