Monday, 14 August 2017

Engagement celebrations!

Happy couple at Drie Berge 

I have been so excited on my Eldest behalf for a few weeks now. The boyfriend asked the parents a couple of weeks back, and we could not say anything to her!

How sweet that the boyfriend made an appointment with us when she was not around? He planned the whole engagement affair, and we as her parents were asked to join afterwards with a braai (barbecue) celebrating the good news!

Our Future Son-in-Law scored some major points:

- He asked the parents, and told us that we raised the most lovely person (inside and outside) that he knows. He credits us for that!
- He included us in his plans for the engagement surprise.
- He made the day very special for my daughter. They started at the Iron Throne Brewing Co in Hartbeespoort where they had breakfast and an ale of course. Both him and my daughter are Game of Throne fans, and the setting was perfect.
- Afterwards he organised a spot on top of a mountain at the Drie Berge Resort near Brits. His sister decorated the mountain top with photos, and rose leaves, and a camera was set up! The couple were driven up and down the mountain by the resort owner (perks of having a father that is in the Ministry and having connections in town).
- Both parents waited at the resort following the engagement. We joked about what would happen if the answer was 'No!"... But we all knew what her answer would be!
- He made the day very special and romantic for my daughter!
- He gave her the ring that she wanted!

We are so happy for them both!
Best wishes for the future!

Things are changing and there seems to be going a change for the Boomeranger!

Now, how are we going to finance that wedding? %-)


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