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Women in Business - Jessi Low from Boss Babes

Women in Business
Jessi Low  from Boss Babes International
Women in Business - Empowering stories for Women's Month! Who does not love hearing about a successful woman? One of the guest speakers at the Nu Skin conference a while ago is the lovely Jessi Low. She is one of the Nu Skin success stories who has expanded her business internationally in a very short period of time. She and her partner are building their businesses on network marketing and the wonderful term "attractive marketing".  Just looking at her Facebook and Instagram feeds proofs the point!

I was sitting at the same table as Jessi at the Nu Skin Conference and asked her to answer some questions.

Questions to a Female Entrepreneur: Jessi Low

Jessi, please tell us about yourself. 

Jessi Low is a 24 year old go-getter who has recently reached one of the top achievements in the business. She studied Events Management & Wedding Planning, has previously worked in the corporate world and is now building her empire through the opportunity that Nuskin has provided her. 

In just 10 months she has built a global team of social media entrepreneurs. She loves helping women reach their goals by empowering them to build their own online businesses for free.

How did you get involved with NuSkin?

I was introduced to Nuskin by a lady from the U.K. through social media. 

How did the company impact your life?

I am now earning 4 times as much as I did with my previous office job and I anticipate plenty of growth within the next few years.  I love what I do, I am totally fulfilled and challenged in my business. I can work from anywhere in the world and in my own time.  I have met the most incredible women, whom together we have created a sort-of "sisterhood", partnership and friendship that I have not experienced before. I have provided so many women with the opportunity to bring in an extra or full time income to their families and that is a blessing in my life. I have traveled to parts of South Africa I have always wanted to see and will be going on two Nuskin Success Trips overseas (all expenses paid) next year! I now enjoy the lifestyle of working in my own time from anywhere I want to, that I've always wanted. I have also met the man of my dreams through Nuskin, my boyfriend, Nicolas Van Rensburg (Top Achievement, Blue Diamond in Nuskin).

Do you get opportunities to empower and up-skill yourself in the company?

Absolutely, the recognition and awards we are given through our company is very encouraging and empowering. We are also rewarded with overseas, all expenses paid 5-star-treatment trips when we reach a certain level (which is very achievable if you are a driven person). I am constantly learning from my leaders within the company and adjusting their methods to suit my team. The company and my training groups that I've created provide you with all the information and tools you need to make a huge success of yourself. 

How did your business become so successful in such a short time?

I saw the potential that social media brings, the platform is massive and I have a good understanding of how to use it to my full advantage and how to teach others to do the same. It took a lot of nurturing and effort to get where I am today because I take pride in my business, Boss Babes International. It has been a short journey to success for myself and many of my business partners in my team, because we are passionate about helping other women achieve financial independence, leave their full time jobs, spend more time with their children etc. the way we have been helped. Our passion continues to grow with each life we are able to change positively through the business opportunity we provide. 

Do you have any advice to women who are thinking of starting their own businesses?

Grab a journal/notepad and a cup of coffee and spend some time truly and whole-heartedly deciding what you want out of your business (ex: short term I want to earn R5000 month, long term I want to quit my job. I want this to be part time, full time, whatever).  
Visulualize the big picture and your goals.
Figure out, once and for all, how much time and when (in the day) you can truly devote to building your business.
Don't get distracted. Narrow your focus to only income producing activities during the times you set to work on your business. Stop with the FB scrolling/trolling. It isn't productive.
Stop making it an option.
In the front of your mind, always remember you "why". Why are you doing this? 
Incorporate personal development into your day. Somewhere. Everyday.⭐️
Take action. Stop being a career learner and start being a career doer! You don't need to know everything. You just need to get doing!
Brainstorm how you are going to reach your goals and make a daily/weekly to-do checklist. Prioritize your to-do list.
Stop comparing your business to others. It's poison. Stop it. (This is literally one of my biggest tips). But DO look for inspiration and motivation in other businesses.
Celebrate you and your passions. Embrace the mission and feel amazing in the knowledge that, now you know! You know where you're headed. You have a plan.
Go make it happen, I believe in you! If you want to be an entrepreneur then you have the drive in you to make it happen.

Truly inspiring!
Your advice is great for all women in business!
Thanks Jessi!

Contact her if you want to start your own business. It seems she knows how!
Find Jessi Low here: Boss Babes International

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  1. Daily working with this amazing girl is so motivational and inspirational.. She helps us all keep our eye's on the end goal..


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