Tuesday, 29 August 2017

My Little Pony on a Friendship Tour of South Africa

My Little Pony Friendship Tour SA
Applejack - My Little Pony

I don't think we can ever get enough of My Little Pony. They are all about magic and friendship! But most of all, they are just cute!

I love the fact that all of them represent an element of harmony that helps share important friendship values. Knowing girls and the importance they place on their friends, it is values that needs to be echoed to them!

Pinkie Pie - laughter
Fluttershy - kindness
Applejack - honesty 
Rainbow Dash - loyalty
Rarity - generosity
Twilight Sparkle- the magic of friendship!

All the favourite pony friends are on a journey to Save Equestria in the My Little Pony Friendship Tour through South Africa! Live shows (weekends only) as well as fun filled activities including a friendship wall, an Instagram booth, a My Little Pony friendship bracelet station and more can be expected.

Visit Save Equestria for all the  deets!

1. The tour started in Durban at Gateway until the 7th Sep 2017.
2. V&A Cape Town 19-25 September 2017
3. Sandton City Johannesburg 2-14 October

My Little Pony South Africa on Facebook

Let me know if you have been to the My Little Pony Friendship Tour?
It looks like a great activity for little girls!

P.S. Applejack was in my goody bag from #Jozimeetup on Saturday!

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