Thursday, 10 August 2017

Dandy Dogs to the rescue

Our old Yorkie is living on borrowed time. He is 15 or 16 years, going on 105! He looks as cute as ever, but picking him up you can feel all the growths and moles on his body. We tried giving him away for free, but he is still with us!

And then there are poor bladder issues, which can drive us crazy. When we smell something, there is most probably an accident! It's even worse when we find it by stepping into it!

Our latest doggy parlour owner is refusing to cut him, because he had a fit the previous time... So this winter he was starting to look like the before photos when a dog is rescued. We tried bathing him and cutting him ourselves. He looked better, but still not as presentable as the Miniature Yorkshire he is supposed to be.
Dandy Dogs 
I am extremely relieved that I saw  Dandy Dogs driving around in our area. It was very easy to make a booking with Yash via email and Whatsapp. Dumi and Josiah did a great job on our old man. The best is that Benji was not traumatized taking him away from his familiar surroundings. We only had to provide a tap and the towels.

For the rest of his days he will be having spa day at home!

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