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POWA - there's an app for helping you get out of a dangerous situation

app, People Opposing Women Abuse
There is nothing as frustrating than knowing about a person who is stuck in an abusive relationship, and can't seem to make the decision to quit. There is nothing that friends and family can do before she calls on them to help her. Most of the time the reasons why you should not stay is more, but it is very difficult to see it in that situation! We also do not protect our children by staying, but by moving out!

Shaney at You baby and I wrote such a powerful story about women abuse and how terrible afraid they are for a woman in their family. They can't do anything because she is staying! I also know of a women who feels she is stuck, but her children and friends are standing ready to help her.

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Because it is still Women's Month, I found this nifty little app through a representative of POWA (People Opposing Women Abuse) last week. They had an activation at our workplace.

What does the Powa GBV app do?

The app links victims of gender-based violence (GBV) with emergency services - police, ambulances - as well as pre-identified emergency contacts of their choice.

I typed in my contacts of choice last night. I pressed that red button, and there was immediate action. My daughter screamed from her room, and my parents where busy grabbing the car keys at their house! They also phoned me immediately! So it works! (My husband came to tell me later that the phishing people are at it again ;-). But he also received his message!) (It would have helped if I had warned them!)

The message looks like this. The map did not seem to give the precise location, but if there is trouble, they would know to come and look for me.

You can also report somebody else being in trouble on the app.

There is a directory of people to phone in your immediate vicinity on the app.

Where do you get the app?

The app is available for free on all the smartphone app stores! Search POWA GBV.

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