Thursday, 3 August 2017

Breastfeeding until five and a half years. It's possible!

#TBT - Breastfeeding in public 
This is World Breastfeeding Week! I am still an advocate for breastfeeding as long as possible! I do believe that the nutrients our babies get are the best from breast milk that are automatically adapted to suit their age, health and even gender!

I never wrote the post about the end of our breastfeeding journey. It must be that it was such a gradual process of weaning that one day I just realized that she did not ask for it anymore. It was also sad and the end of our special bonding time! But we had five and half years, which made me forty-six-years (46) of age when we stopped. (I am putting up the numbers to see that it is possible! Older moms can do it as well!)

I also had to deal with so many lifted eyebrows that I stopped telling people I was still breastfeeding. There was no big announcement!

In celebration of World Breastfeeding Week and thinking fondly of the journey:

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