Tuesday, 19 June 2018

Grade 4 exams done and dusted

Choir photo
Miss Fine in choir
The holidays can not come soon enough. The first exams are done and dusted. The schools are closing for three weeks in winter this coming Friday. The children are extremely tired after a very busy semester and exams.

I am so proud of Miss Fine. She handled this semester with far less anxiety than I did. My own advice - to myself ;-) - on how to survive exams for moms helped me in stepping back. I am reminded again that it is better parenting when you are there to help, but not to do everything for them.

Miss Fine devised her own study method of compiling her work in very small booklets. It was in conjunction with art work, but it worked for her. She said the teacher also did not complain when she saw her making the booklets. She understood it was for study purposes. :-)

The exam papers have been coming back for signatures, and it all looks good. I am so proud of you, Miss Fine. Not only did she do netball this semester, but she also took part in a choir musical which culminated in the final show this past weekend (see photo by Deb above). They have worked so hard for the show, and they enjoyed it so much!

Unfortunately we are still working, but we are looking forward to the upcoming wedding. Miss Fine is going to be the flower girl and I am going to be MOB - Mother of the Bride. We can't wait!

What are your plans for the school holidays?


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