Thursday, 19 October 2017

Dog dynamics in the family

dog dynamics
Camera shy beloved dog PP
It seems that this dog do not feel the loss of our Yorkie Benji like we do!
We feel the empty space...
(Maybe not Hubby...)

But Petite Peu is having her best life! She slept the winter with the Eldest on her bed, but pretty soon she was waking her up to come and sleep on our bed. She's been playing musical beds. When we get up in the mornings, she goes and snoozes with the youngest until it's time for Little Miss to get up.

It's not very comfortable to have her on the bed, because she lies in the cocoon of legs, and growls when she gets moved or shifted. Imagine not being able to move in your own bed? So, for the past two nights she had to sleep in her basket next to the bed. We had to talk sternly and pick her off the bed again and again, but I think we all had a much more comfortable night-time the past two nights!

It's a dog's life!

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