Thursday, 12 October 2017

Holiday survival products

Holiday survival beauty products

As much as I love holidays at the coast, it does not do my skin and complexion very well. I tend to break out in spots. My hair goes frizzy! My skin also burns immediately. I go blood red, and after that my skin starts peeling. This year I only spend two hours in the sun. I had sunscreen on my face and arms, but thought that my legs would be okay without sunscreen. Big mistake... (Don't you think I should know by now?) I am still peeling two weeks later!

Little Miss also struggles with her eczema, and we had to look after her feet very well. It dries up underneath her toes especially, and cracks open in sores. We still haven't found the magic formula to take it away completely, but the Oh So Heavenly Cream has been a lifesaver!

Holiday survival beauty products

Products that work well at the coast

Oh So Heavenly All-Purpose Gentle Cream

Oh So Heavenly Mum & Cherub All-Purpose Gentle Cream
These products look like it is supposed to be for babies and children, but it works for the whole family! I got some of it with a Jozimeetup, but I have been back to Clicks to buy more! It is great for  presents! The smell is divine! (Not "baby" at all, but fresh!)

The Mum and Cherub Farm Fresh Cream works on the whole body. I even use it on my face! And it works wonders with eczema! We uses it every night after bath, and sometimes also in the mornings before Little Miss puts on her shoes. It keeps the eczema at bay!

It gets marks for being gentle on the skin, being approved by dermatologists, and being colour free! The best: It is very easy on the budget!

Oh So Heavenly Skin Freshener

Oh So Heavenly Skin Freshener

You would think that the Oh So Heavenly Skin Freshener is only for babies, but it is lovely in a beach bag to splash on your face in the heat! I am also using it after a bath! As a skin freshener, as well as a soft perfume that lingers! (Hubby loves the smell too...)
I got some Himalaya Herbals about two years back, and I have been using the Almond and Cucumber Peel-Off Mask ever since. It is great for moisturizing, and helps with exfoliation. I always need extra exfoliation at the coast, and it works wonders! It also helps for those pesky blackheads on the nose. Little Miss loves pulling it off my face after it dries.

The FootCare cream is a lovely new addition that I have found. It contains turmeric and is a strange sandy colour. Luckily it spreads in easily. Of course you can't go on holiday to the coast without a foot cream. This one keeps my feet and heels soft and smooth.

I did not know that Himalaya Herbals had a Herbal Toothpaste as well. It is 100% vegetarian, fluoride and paraben free. Always a win in my book!

Bee Natural

The Bee Natural Hydrating Face Balm and the Head 2 Toe Healing and Beauty Balm is great for taking along on a holiday. I keep the Face Balm with my beauty products and use it especially for dry patches on my face. The Head 2 Toe is a good go-to in my handbag when there is an emergency bite or small sore to take care of.

Wellness Warehouse Lip Balm

I always have to have lip balm with me. This Soft Mint Lip Balm does the trick beautifully. It comes with a certified declaration that it is 100% organic. (Works for me.) My lips stay soft in the wind and the sun, and the ingredients are safe!

What products do you love taking along on holiday?

Disclaimer: I got most of these products at the Jozi Bloggers meetup, except the Himalayan Herbals Mask that I have been using for years.
I really like these products, and was not asked to write about it!


  1. Glad you enjoyed. I loved the Oh So Heavenly products they really smelt nice and especially that bubble bath, so milky and it had bubbles.

    1. Oh, yes! The bubble bath is a winner. I am buying the glitter bubble bath for all the little girls (as presents). They love it and they are starting to order it 😜


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