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The Child Friendly App - we found two great spots in Ballito

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Child Friendly SA

I think I heard about the Child Friendly SA Mobile app on Twitter.  I downloaded it especially for our trip to Ballito as it was the first time that we were going to be on holiday there!

The weather did not play along each day, but you will never hear me complain. It is on these days that we try to explore and get to know the local places and entertainment spots! As we had Little Miss who would gladly have stayed watching Disney Junior all week long, we had to make sure that she also wanted to go on the excursions. We also searched for places nearby, as our budget were low, and we did not want to spend hours on the road.

The Child Friendly SA Mobile App used on holiday

Two spots in Ballito that's great for kids

What's nice about the app is that the inbuilt GPS navigation makes it easy to find the spots nearby.

We found Wonderland Coffee and Funky Monkey through the  app. It was both only about 5 km from where we were staying, and both places had great coffee!

Wonderland Coffee

Coffee! That's enough for me to make it great! They have free WiFi, and you can see that is is a great place for business people to work. We spent a good deal of two hours here. They have a limited kitchen, but the breyani looked wonderful! (Says the vegetarian :-))

 They have a very large jungle gym that was a bit daunting for Little Miss. She tried a couple of times, but got stuck on her way up. Vertigo takes time! What's good is that next time she can try again!
Wonderland Coffee play area

Next time we will bring the j-board (?)
Wonderland Coffee play paradise
 We will come again.

The next spot was Funky Monkey. It was raining quite heavily that day, and we had to find an indoors place.

Funky Monkey

Great coffee and free Wi-Fi. The killer combination for parents. You can see that the working parents love this space. We had to pay a fee for the child for two hours, but they are not strict with a time limit. We spend more than two hours there. You would think that Little Miss is already past the age of enjoying these places, but she had a "ball"!

Funky Monkey cappuccino
The play areas are divided for younger and older children. It was a ball. Literally, as there are hundreds of balls in the ball pits and the children love throwing it around!

We will be back!

Do you know of any other great places for children near Ballito?

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