Friday, 20 October 2017

35 Smiles in 35 Days - Here's how you can help Operation Smile SA

Operation Smile South Africa
Operation Smile #35MilesIn35Days
Operation Smile is doing wonderful life affirming work! I love to hear about children getting their smiles! Ever since a friend got involved with Smiles for Kinshasha, I have been applauding the work that they do!

The new campaign #35SmilesIn35Days is in support of those suffering from cleft lip and palate conditions. It has also been created in support of the global campaign Until We Heal and celebration of Operation Smile 35th year.

See the campaign #35SmilesIn35Days video 

South Africa Operation Smile is crowdfunding on towards the goal of  R192 000.00. It is for the surgeries of 35 deserving children who suffer from a cleft palate. At this stage they have reached 23% (R45 000) of their goal. I see the goal is only successful when an amount of R50 000 is reached by 22 November 2017.

“To see someone smile is one of the most beautiful things. Through your own smile or someone else's smile, happiness spreads. And we need more smiles and happiness in the world. You can change someone's life by helping Operation Smile give #35SmilesIn35days.”
- Catherine Grenfell

Boikgatsho is one of the children that was touched by Operation Smile in South Africa.

Here is the story of Boikgatsho who got his smile

Cindy Maila, the mother of Boikgatsho, also thought she had something something wrong when she found out that Boikgatsho had a cleft palate.
“It was a surprise to me when he was born but I was very fortunate to meet Erika and she assured me everything would be ok,” says Cindy.

Erika Bostok is  a long-time Witbank based Operation Smile South Africa (OSSA) volunteer, and also a speech pathologist. She coordinates a support group for parents whose children are born with cleft lips and/or cleft palates.

Cindy could reach out to OSSA. She and her son joined the 2016 medical mission to Mbombela where Boikgatsho received free surgery to repair his cleft palate.
“I was so emotional and happy at the same time when he received surgery,” says Cindy.
Cindy wants to tell mothers that they have done nothing wrong and that there is help for them. Boikgatsho is now over two years old, and beginning to speak, loves to blow bubbles and drink from straws! That is all the things that were previously unthinkable with a cleft palate.

This is a such worthy campaign!
Every little bit helps!

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