Thursday, 26 October 2017

I tell her it's a bit of OCD and sensory issues

Little Miss 

The carversations! Even tough traffic is hectic, and we would like to spend much less time in a car... But there is a positive note to it! A car is one of the best places to catch up on each other and hear the daily news.

Little Miss has always used the car as her after-school melt-down safe place. It is the safe place to whine, and melt down and complain about her day.

This past week she has been complaining/crying that she thinks she is different than the rest of her peers in class. There is stuff that bothers her in class which makes it very difficult to concentrate.

STUFF that bothers a child in school

(Sensory and OCD issues?)

- Alignment of table and stuff on the table

It bothers Little Miss when the table is skew, and she is always busy pulling it to align with the classroom. The stuff on her table must also be in alignment at all times. 

- Fellow learner invades her private space

The fellow learners are usually boys who takes up to much space, and invades her half of the table. They sit too close, and sometimes they don't smell as nice. 

- Broken stuff bothers her

When a pencil holder or anything is broken, she hides it and tries not to look at it. It bothers her the whole time that the lid is broken...

- Clothes and shoes have to be comfortable

She hardly ever wears her shoes, although she struggles with eczema and her feet always have some sort of sore underneath. She also has her favourite school clothes, and she refuses to wear other that's brand new

All advice that I can give her is to label it as OCD and sensory issues which she needs to understand. I tell her that these things do not bother other people as much as it does for her. She must try to focus on the teaching and learning in class, and to block out the bothersome.

Do you have any advice for me?
Do I take it up with a professional? (Occupational Therapist?)

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  1. Shame it sounds like a tough one. Also difficult to know whether to get help or just help her by talking about it and sympathising with her. Either way I think you are a great mom by giving her that space in the car to de-stress. I often find that our bath times are like that. (Playing out issues or talking about them).


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