Thursday, 18 July 2013

Angels all around, especially for great grandmothers

We visited our 92-year old grandmother who broke her leg two and a half weeks back.

She was back at the old age home in eMalahleni (formerly known as Witbank).

She was sitting a bit skew and uncomfortable, but after we called the nurses, they came and pulled her upright.
My grandmother says that it is very sore and very uncomfortable.
She has a plate and pens in her leg, and hopefully it will help to heel the leg.
(We hope so!)

92 years are blessed indeed!
And we can still talk to her!
She tells us again and again about his she fell, and what she remembers about her hospital stay...
It was a very scary experience for an old lady, especially since she struggles to see and hear, and to understand English. (The language mostly used in the hospitals...)

A nurse putting on my grandmother's gloves, after they apparently phoned her daughter the previous day to bring her a pair. She was cold! My aunt had to rush with a new pair that same day.

The cleaning lady, Cecilia, came and asked my grandmother who she is. 
My grandmother replied: "My Mother!"

And that us the impression I got at the South African Women's Federation for the Weakened Elderly. 
They are all angels looking after the elderly people!

The businesses in town all contributed to the rooms, and brightened it up. (Also angels!)
The place is looking extremely cheerful!

My dad, her eldest son, with his mother and me.

With the fourth generation!

And then there are her two room companions, two ladies, whom are angels already...
The bodies are left behind... 
(I would not want to live this long, and not be here anymore!)

The lady in the middle is 97 years of age, the eldest in the old age home.
The lady on the right was pulling the whole time on her blanket, looking ready to get up and go!


Thanks to all the Angels looking after our mothers and grandmothers, and also looking after those only left behind in the flesh!
Also thanks to the children looking after their parents!
You are doing a great job!

What with the talk of 67 minutes for Madiba today...

You are doing a 24/7 job, each and every day!

Thanks for looking after my grandmother!


  1. Indeed we say thank to these angels who care for the elderly. Get better quickly Ouma!

  2. I can also say thank you to the angels. Please God, I don't want to get so old.


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