Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Finally - fourth time lucky at the dentist!

We tried for a fourth time yesterday to get Little Missy in the dentist chair!
She promised that this time she would definitely sit and open her mouth. 
And she did!

She was at first reluctant. 
But after her big sister had her check-up and she could look over the dentist shoulder, it made all the difference...

The very capable dentist, Chantelle, did not mind at all that Little Missy was hanging over her arms and instruments. She, in fact, told her to come very close.
We have found our dentist for the Little One (and also the Big Ones)!

Little Missy had a check-up, her first teeth x-ray, and a teeth cleaning. 
All is well with her teeth for now! 

Thank goodness!

I made an Animoto for her fourth visit to the dentist:

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  1. well done :) Kiara will not! She had a bad experience once last year and now she refuses to even go near a dentist!!!!!!

  2. She is becoming such a big girl much too soon. You are blessed.


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