Monday, 15 July 2013

What's in my camera bag?

Empty camera bag

I lost my little Digital camera during our recent robbery, when we still thought we were safe in our complex. It was not even in an ordinary camera bag, but in a red pencil case. They still found it!
I saw Jenty taking part in a competition for a camera bag.
My new camera (which is going to be exactly the same as the one I lost) definitely needs a new bag!
I love the one shown over at Camera Couture. That is definitely a very fine camera bag to have!

This is what I will have in my camera bag:

- Camera
- Extra SD card
- "Instax Mini Instant Camera (1) by Fujifilm. They print credit card-sized photos on bold new Fuji film (3)"
- Camera battery charger
- Tripod
- Purse
- Tissues
- Hand sanitizer
- Hand cream
- Lip Ice
- Lipstick
- Pepper spray
- Pocket knife
- Pens
- Keys
- iPad
- Blackberry
- (My life)

This would all fit nicely in my camera bag! *Thumbs crossed!*

The competition is still open until the 31st of July!


  1. Sorry it got stolen - hope you win this

  2. That is loads to put in the bag.

  3. The bag that is up for grabs is a beautiful BIG bag, It will fit everything in!


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