Sunday, 14 July 2013

The things she says

Before I forget these...

The other day in the car:
I said I am still trying to wake up, because I said something nonsensical.
I said that I am not a morning person, but an evening person! I think that she, Little Missy, is also an evening person. She also struggles to wake up in the mornings.
Little Missy: "I am not an evening person, I am a party person!" (with a very disgusted tone!)

On the same drive:
She tells me that she does not always get to make a proper smile.
I look back in the rear view mirror, and she is busy pulling her mouth in a grimace!
I tell her that we can always try thinking of something good or funny...
Little Missy: "No, I can't make a smile the whole time!"

Last week when I went to fetch her at the pre-primary school, she told me to come and look at what they did in the sand pit.
They had dug up a whole corner of it.
Little Missy: "We were searching for Jesus!"

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