Monday, 8 July 2013

Twenty years!

To my beautiful daughter who celebrated her birthday this weekend!

I love the fact that you have become such a beautiful young lady, and that your inner beauty is reflected in your looks and in your daily being.

You have a compassion for life and people, and seem to draw people to you!
You are who I hoped and dreamed you would be, and become!

You are teaching me to be so much more, especially with regards the way you are treating the people in your life.

My wishes for you (at this stage in your life):
 - Lots of friends
 - Lots of fun times
 - Lots of love
 - Good study times (and marks)!

Photos by Blush Studio
(A photoshoot win, which was done on Saturday)


  1. An Amazing Young Lady indeed! Love you. xxx

  2. Happy birthday to your big girl. No longer a teen hey!

  3. Happy birthday to you beautiful girl


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