Monday, 16 April 2012

Rhetorical questions for dieters

Dieting is hard! Real hard!
It's been four weeks and it is going s-l-o-w!

There are some rhetorical questions I have found that help me when motivation is low.

Rhetorical questions for dieters:

- Where does this food looks the best: on my plate or on my hips?

- Will I feel better staying in the office or going to gym during lunch-time?

- What is the best choice on the menu: salad or a burger?

- Will it make a difference if I eat this cookie now?

- Will the next glass of red wine taste as delicious as the first?

- What should I drink that is the most healthy: water or wine? (Substitute: Water or coffee? Herbal tea or coffee?)

- Does going to the gym makes me faster than a coach potato, even though I only clock up 2 kilometres in 20 minutes? (As seen on Keep calm and run)

- Should I just give up when the needle doesn't want to budge on the scale?

- Does it help to make this healthier food choice?

If you have any more questions I can add, it would be great!


  1. LOL... I would not ask myself if it looked better on a plate or my hips. I would find a reason it looks better on my hips!


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