Sunday, 22 April 2012

Where we are at - Mom vs Toddler at 40 months

Meme seen over at Dear Max by Tanya.

It is good to know where the two of us are at the moment.
She is 40 months now.

Favourite expression/word
Mieka: asseblief (please with a whiny voice)
Mom: fantasties/fantastic

Favourite outfit
Mieka: soft tracksuit pants with a fairy skirt
Mom: jeans

Favourite hobby/activity
Mieka: dancing/sketching/putting plasters on "bloed" (blood)
Mom: iPad/blogging (doing this post from my iPad)

Favourite drink
Mieka: iced tea
Mom: Cappuccino

Favourite food
Mieka: pasta
Mom: salad

Most overused word/expression
Mieka: Mom/Dad says Yes!
Mom: No!

Favourite apps
Mieka: Tom Cat & Tab Tales
Mom: Blogger & Instagram & Kindle

Favourite TV programme
Mieka: Mickey Mouse Club House/Dora the explorer
Mom: Modern family

Favourite book
Mieka: Disney books
Mom: The storm before the calm

Worst activity/chore
Mieka: tidying
Mom: doing monthly stats

Latest discovery
Mieka: asking to "loan" something (but meaning permanent)
Mom: trench coats for winter

Always growing in cuteness!
What a pleasure to have her in our family!

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  1. Great great list and post! I need to do some favorites again


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