Monday, 2 April 2012

Making a difference one light switch at a time

We took part in Earth Hour 2012 on Saturday night again.

It is such a fun way of introducing our children in making a positive impact on the planet. There is nothing more exciting than switching off the lights and enjoying candle light and each other's company...

I was struck by how enthusiastically the young ones take part in initiatives like these!
They have the optimism and a believe that they are making a difference.

We were treated during the dark hour to a rehearsed show of "three fairies cleaning up the earth"! (Scripted by the eldest of the three)
Very cute!

Here in South Africa we look around in the suburbs, and we notice that we are the only ones going dark...
But the message should still be that we are making an impact, one light switch and one person at a time...

I hope that is what we can teach that to our children for the future!

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  1. Ours had plenty of hide and seek in the dark games

  2. Whoops! Totally forgot about Earth hour 2012. I really hope I can catch it in 2013 if the world doesnt end in 2012.


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