Friday, 20 April 2012

7 Great Ways to Bond With Your Family

It is time for a Friday guest post.

Developing a strong family bond is extremely important for any family. From a child's birth to growing up and becoming an adult, bonding is very important.

Here are seven ways to do so, and even just practising one can have immense benefits for your family.

1. Communication
Communication is extremely important, because if a child cannot express their opinions or feelings, they won’t feel they can trust others. As a parent, use an open mind and listen. Closing off the lines of communication might mean that your child will become a troubled teen, and as an adult will not be able to communicate effectively in relationships or jobs. Become best friends with your child for life by building strong family ties early on.

2. Spend Time Together
No matter how busy we are, we must spend time with our kids. We can come home from work tired and grumpy, but you don’t want to give the impression that you don’t want to spend time with your child. Your child could have had a bad day at school too. Instead of fretting, consider that both of your days could become brighter by spending time together. Have a pizza night and pop in a movie. Or get away from all the digital products and learn to skate together, or go for a picnic!

3. Activities
Participating in constructive activities together strengthens any family bond. If you are a single parent, then join a group in which parents and kids can come together to make new friends and become an extended family. Always plan one major activity every week, no matter what. Doing things together will have everyone excited and looking forward to the activity.

4. Learn Together
We have all made mistakes. Instead of keeping secrets, be honest about them. If your child thinks they have screwed up somehow, tell them about a life experience that happened to you. This will help your child relate to you and grow. Similarly, don’t be afraid to tell your child when they need to change a behaviour. Honesty is always the best policy in building family bonds.

5. Trust and Honesty
When your child comes home and tells you something juicy that happened at school, that is told in
confidence. Whether the child is young or older, you are teaching your child that is between the two of you. The same goes if you told a child something and you asked to keep it between the two of you. This is where trust and honesty is built. Speak openly and be trusted but also be honest. This is huge in making a family bond. Take your kids seriously and treat them as adults, they’ll thank you for it.

7. I Love You
“I love you” is so matter of fact. Think about it for a minute. Do you really mean I love you? You need to mean it when routines are created and everyone is running out the door to start the day or heading off to
bed. A hug and a kiss are awesome too, as a child needs this encouragement. This build a bond that will
never be replicated – you don’t want to teach your children that affection is weak or strange. Do them a
favour and show it to them now, plus build a great bond at the same time.

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  1. Great advice!! I love bonding with my two kids, Anna, who is seven, and Patrick, who is four. My husband and I always try tp be good parents and bond with them as much as we can because they are the best things that ever happened in our marrage, and we only want the best for them!!


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