Thursday, 12 April 2012

I should have turned around

Last week I had a cold turned into eye infection which made my eyes extremely light sensitive.

 I drove for two days to work and back with two sunglasses perched on top of each other on my nose, tears streaming down my face...
 I was trying to work with my spectacles which I usually don't wear. The screens too bright on the computers... (I usually wear my contact lenses!)

I should have turned around the first day already!
 Why do we punish ourselves like this?
It is not like they appreciate it that we made the extra effort to come to work! Have you ever heard of someone getting a medal or even a thank you for dragging themselves to work?

On Thursday I stayed at home and went to see the doctor...
 I should have done it the first day!

 New rule for myself: When starting to think that I should turn around/stay at home...
 I should do it! (No second-guessing! None!)
On the spot!


  1. Take your sick leave. Take time for your children. Take time for your family. Work won't give a flying paw paw if you're not here tomorrow. Your loved ones will never be the same.

    Take it from someone who ended up breaking her back, literally, for a bloody company. Biggest mistake I've ever made.

    Take care of you x

    Much love...

  2. Oh yes, why do we do it?


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