Monday, 16 April 2012

Hair brushing has become a breeze

The Toddler's hair has not been cut yet. This time around we decided not to cut a fringe. A fringe needs to be cut regularly and we always had a skew fringe when the first-born was small...

It has been a lot less effort without the fringe...

But the hair brushing each morning was an exercise in torture. Torture for the toddler and for me having to inflict it!

Until Cat at Juggling Act of Life wrote about the wonderful Michel Mercier brushes which are available at Dischem!

Hair brushing is now a total breeze!

Thanks Cat!


  1. A pleasure. I adore that brush, really it still surprises me how much easier something like that can make your life

  2. I saw this on Cat's blog, need to get it for my little Leane...her hair is so fine that it always knots.


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