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Disney Descendants are back with Series 3 - WIN

Disney Descendants 3
Disney Descendants 3
In celebration of Disney Descendants movie premiere on Disney Channel on Friday, 11 October, Disney Africa has made available a cool hamper to win.

Catch them on DSTv Channel 303 at 17:25 today!

Dove Cameron, Sofia Carson, Booboo Stewart and Cameron Boyce return to Auradon
and the Isle Of The Lost in the dynamite new Disney movie, Descendants 3. 

Some cool facts from Descendants 3 that makes us look forward to it!

What can fans expect from the thrilling trequel ? 

The cast has the following to say about Descendants 3

 How would you describe the story of Descendants 3?
Sofia: There are so many beautiful storylines in Descendants 3. Without giving too
much away, the movie tells the story of four villain kids that we all know and love. The
mission that they came to Auradon to accomplish finally comes to fruition.
Dove: Descendants 3 is a beautiful conclusion to this massive story from an amazing
world with these larger-than-life characters. 

What else can you tease about the movie?

Booboo: Descendants 3 is our largest movie yet. It’s huge! The scope of the movie is
really magical and it’s filled with adventure. Everyone you know and love is back for the
third movie. Plus, there are some brand new characters introduced into the story. 
Cameron: I love the way that we explore the blurred line between good versus evil in
the third movie. It’s very easy to think, ‘Oh, you’re good and you’re bad.’ But we look at
the grey area in between. Maybe a person that you think is bad deserves a second
chance or is misunderstood?

What are the underlying themes of Descendants 3?

Sofia: I think Descendants 3 has an incredible amount of beautiful, powerful messages
and storylines. For me, the one that rings most true is the storyline that looks at the
way it doesn’t matter who you are or where you come from, but the world will only be a
better place if we come together and we live as one. I think that’s the heart of Descendants 3. 
The following behind-the-scenes fact is something to look forward to!


“The music in Descendants 3 is fantastic,” enthuses Booboo Stewart. “The soundtrack is
going to be seriously amazing! The songs are really catchy and they are going to make
everyone want to dance along. There’s a little rock in the music and there’s also a little
pop. There’s even a little hip-hop and some cool electric feels, too. There’s something
for everyone!” 

Disney 3 Hamper Give-AWAY 

The Descendants hamper is worth R900

Descendants 3 products
Descendants 3 hamper

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We are also getting a Disney Descendants 3 package. *Yay!*
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  1. Moipone Tsoka-Islam11 October 2019 at 10:46

    My daughter and I we huge fans. We sing along and dance.this just made my day

    1. Congrats, Moipone! Please send me your contact details and daytime delivery address?

    2. Moipone Tsoka-Islam18 October 2019 at 14:06

      Wow this just made my weekend.Abeerah will be so happy too. Thank you

  2. Moipone Tsoka-Islam11 October 2019 at 10:56

    Twitted @lifeandmo
    Facebooked With Moipone Tsoka

  3. Awesome, I have a teenager that's crazy about the show

  4. My Daughter loves the show.

  5. My son and I are huge fans of the Descendants franchise.

  6. My son and I are huge fans of the Descendants franchise. Just love the singing and dancing in the movie

  7. My son and I are huge fans of the Descendants franchise. I love the singing and dancing in the movie.
    Shared on twitter @SashaBierman

  8. My son and I are huge fans of this franchise. We love the singing and the dancing in the movie.
    Shared via twitter @SashaBierman

  9. My daughters are HUGE fans. Interesting fact, a few years ago my Ariya had to do a Flat Stanley project for school and was let down. Friends of ours knew the late Cameron Boyce and he agreed to help. He took her Flat Stanley to the set of Descendants 2 and sent back pics for her to finish her project. Cameron and the franchise will always have a special place in our hearts.

    1. Unknown, please send your name?

    2. It's Nerisha Moodley, not sure why it didn't show

  10. I’m so tired of pretending. Where’s my happy ending?” – Audrey. My daughters favourite quote from Descendants. Let's say crazy nuts about them 😉😉😉

  11. my nieces are huge fans @eonlineza (twitter) retweeted

  12. Shared on facebook as Maryam Bibi Osman Aboobaker ❤️


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