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The social contract with your child - Think Ahead

Think Ahead is running great workshops with regards social media and your child. Teachers and parents will definitely benefit to attend. I listened to Having the Social Media Talk with your tech-savvy child, by Cayley Jorgensen.

Cayley Jorgensen in front of overhead projection of her credentials
Cayley Jorgensen - Think Ahead

We have been postponing getting a phone for our Miss Fine, although she is nearly eleven. "ALL HER FRIENDS" ("Yes, all my friends, Mom!") have phones already! She still has an iPad2 that she only gets to play on when homework is done, and she got a tablet sent from family overseas only this past weekend. She is also already very versatile on her parent's phones, and knows both our passwords. We have been having talks, and the school has been having talks. The school has forbidden the use of smartphones that can connect to the Internet. It helped to prolong the inevitable. But here we are!

The social contract by Cayley Jorgensen (shared below) is a great way to proceed.

Social Media and Youth Workshops - Think Ahead poster
Social media and Youth workshops

We know children are tech-savvy, but they are also impulsive, and do not always think about the ramifications.

Some thoughts to consider on Social media and your tech-savvy child

- Having the social media talk with children is so important. We need to start having the talk before children are interested in social media.
- Model appropriate social media behaviour with them, being authentic, inspiring and kind.
- Most importantly show them that social media can also be positive.
- Important: Help them to keep themselves safe and secure. The privacy settings and location settings are important. Don't put id numbers, passwords and addresses up or give it out. (You don't have to give all the information). Change passwords for different websites. Keep the camera covered. Don't friend people you don't know.
- Remember to keep the talk age-appropriate and relevant to that specific child. Encourage your children to come and speak with you if they see anything inappropriate.
- Have the discussions about what they should do if they see anything inappropriate, what is healthy and what is unhealthy.
- Tell them what they can do to help their friends if they are in trouble.

YouTube videos that's great to share about the use of social media: (and that makes your hair stand upright!)

- Social Media, Social Life: Teens Reveal Their Experiences

- 'I Don't Want To Sound Like I'm A Future Serial Killer, But It’s Fun,' Says Boy Who Loves Playing…

Cayley Jorgensen and Think Ahead have given me permission to share the social media contract here.

Social Media Contract

My Social Media Contract - Think Ahead/Cayley Jorgensen
Social Media Contract with children - Cayley Jorgensen/Think Ahead

 About Cayley Jorgensen:
(Registered Counsellor with The Health Professions Council of South Africa)
Her main focus is creating awareness and educating parents, teachers, and students on the mental health pressures of today’s world, as well as resources and techniques to understand and cope better. She completed her Bachelor of Arts Undergraduate Degree with distinction at the University of Pretoria and her Bachelor of Social Science Honours (BPsych Equiv) Postgraduate Degree cum laude at The South African College of Applied Psychology. She combines her passion for public speaking, mental health, and social media to help all South Africans navigate the technological space we currently live in.
Cayley forms part of the Think Ahead team as a consultant specialising in social media patterns of behaviour

If you would like to organise a social media talk at your school, please contact Cayley:

Disclaimer: I was given a free ticket to attend the workshop. Thanks so much, Think Ahead. It came at just the right time!

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