Tuesday, 8 October 2019

L.O.L. Surprise Boys - add the brother! Review

Girl holds a L.O.L. Surprise Boy ball
L.O.L. Surprise Boy
The L.O.L. Surprise range continues to "surprise"! (Sorry! ;-)) They have brothers as well. L.O.L. Surprise Boys is a range of boy dolls which also needs unwrapping. Now the boys can also unwrap their own surprise boy doll! It adds that extra special element to your L.O.L. Surprise Doll collection.
Each Surprise Boy character has a similar fierce style to his sister character, but with his own unique
twist. With eight characters to collect, the surprise unboxing fun continues.

The festive season is around the corner, and this is a great toy for the girls and boys who love collectables.

Unwrapping the L.O.L. Surprise Boy

Miss Fine usually can't wait to unwrap a L.O.L. Surprise, and this one did not disappoint.

See the different layers:

"Sup, Dude!?"
close-up of L.O.L. Surprise Boy ball being unwrapped
L.O.L. Surprise Boy
"Aloha, Bro!"
L.O.L. Surprise Boy
The cute accessories...
L.O.L. Surprise Boy accessories
L.O.L. Surprise Boy clothes, shoes and bottle
Meet Dance Club Do-Si-Dude. He looks more like a cowboy to us, but he is very cute.
He pees when you feed him water from his bottle.
L.O.L. Surprise Boy
Dance Club Do-Si-Dude - L.O.L. Surprise Boys

Some of the boys are King Bee, brother to Queen Bee, Smarty Pants, brother to Teacher’s Pet, and other awesome brothers, so you can collect the whole family!
Pamphlet with L.O.L. Surprise Boys
L.O.L. Surprise Boys to collect
The different L.O.L. Surprise Boys can be fed or bathed to discover if they change colour or channel the water in different ways. The ball becomes a carrying case, doll stand or playset. 

The retail sale price is R300.

The L.O.L. Surprise Doll ball includes:

  • Stickers
  • Secret Message
  • Bottle
  • Fashion Accessory
  • Outfit
  • Shoes
  • L.O.L Surprise™ Boys doll

We give this boy a 4/5 for being so cute, and for giving that extra element to the L.O.L. Surprise dolls collection.

L.O.L. products are suitable for ages 5+ and are available from the following retailers: Checkers, Pick n Pay, ToyZone, Toys R Us and Toy Kingdom.

Check out Prima Toys for more information.

Disclaimer: We got a L.O.L. Surprise Boys ball to unwrap. We are not paid to write this.

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