Tuesday, 15 October 2019

Pekingese, who knew they are so cute?

Pekingese face next to girl's face
Ozo the Pekingese Fluff
My Eldest started with Pekingese. She got a pup when she was still living with us. The dog breaths multiplied and she now has three of them, and we got to know them really well. Especially after we were pet sitting two Pekingese for her pet service...

two pekingese dogs in one dog bed
Pekingese Ozo and Lady

Turns out the two Pekingese we are looking after, are being dumped. We were waiting last night for them to be picked up, but nobody showed. The owner also paid us only for the first month. Luckily my daughter is involved with Pekingese Rescue and we are now fostering them until they can find owners for them. We are very fond of the two Pekingese, Ozo and Lady. They are both lovely dogs with great personalities, and they would make stunning companions. We can't keep them, as we are not planning to have more than one dog. (My husband also says he does not want a dog after our own dog dies. So, there's that!) We also have to be responsible, as we are not in a financial position to have the responsibility of three dogs. Vet bills are not cheap. 
The message I sent with the foster application forms to Pekingese Rescue: 

"We have been looking after Ozo and Lady for two and a half months now. It was supposed to be pet-sitting through Pawsome Pet Realm. We have grown very fond of the two dogs. They are already in a routine. When the alarms goes off at 5 in the morning, they are ready to go outside for morning ablutions, and for their first snack/biscuit/dental stick for the day.

Ozo loves getting all the attention, and follows me around. He is known to manoeuvre his bum on your feet where ever you are standing, or in your face when you are on the couch. When he is not around, Lady gets to come out of her shell a bit more. Then she also sits with us on the couch or bed. She mostly sleeps next to the bed, because Ozo takes his place on our bed. Our own dog also sleeps next to our bed. That's why we think it would be great if they could be split up. I think both of them would enjoy getting all the attention."

Apparently Pekingese Rescue says they are not very good with small children, as Pekingese can snap. Ozo definitely wants all the cuddles, and attention, but we have seen him snap when we approach him unexpectedly. They need to be mostly indoors, and not left outside. 

If you know of somebody that are looking for a dog, and wants a loving companion, please let them know. Ozo is a cuddler. Lady is more aloof, but loves the attention when necessary. Apparently they are 8 years old already, but they are still very much energetic and on the go. I hope we can find loving homes for both of them?

You can check out some more photos of the two on Instagram karentoittoit

When you can't make a lifetime commitment to a dog, why get them in the first place?

Please don't shop, but adopt a dog, or a cat, or a critter!

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