Wednesday, 3 July 2019

All life is precious, even those of critters

Lost Kitties and Mice Mania figurines with stickers and accessories
#LostKitties #MiceMania
                  * In loving memory of Bubbles, the hamster*

A very important part of parenting is learning kids about the preciousness of life. That all life is sacred, and that every living being is needed and worthy. Even critters have a place and are needed in the eco-system of life. The older I get, the more I think we have to place even more emphasis on preserving and cultivating a mindset of value placed on every living breathing being.

The Eldest had a miniature hamster when she was growing up. We were staying in a flat, and could not get her a dog. The hamster lived for five years, which was quite a good number for a hamster. Now the Eldest has a passion for all animals, and she is currently studying towards a qualification in animal behaviour. In the meantime she is involved with animals rescues, and do dog training over weekends. She also has four dogs already. That's maybe why her husband said no when she wanted to bring a hamster home as well. ;-) She phoned me, and because I know that moms do the work in any case, I said yes to taking in a hamster from Critter Rescue.

Girl with hamster
Miss Fine meets Bubbles, the hamster
Bubbles was such a lovely hamster, but our dog went in overdrive. Unfortunately our pavement special only wants to catch critters, and she did not settle down after a while. We had to keep the hamster separate, and close her room in the evenings. We don't know if that contributed, or the fact that that she was in a new environment, but we found her dead after two weeks. We are heartbroken over the fact, but this made us realise that we can't keep a critter while we have our dog. Sorry, Bubbles!

Hamster busy eating in cage
Bubbles the hamster

In the meantime we will be collecting new Lost Kitties with some cute "uninvited" Mice Mania additions. Have you seen them yet? See Macho Mouse (photo above) we got in our blog drop from Hasbro. There are 48 to collect.

See our Instagram highlights for some unboxing views of the new Lost Kitties and Mice Mania.
"WHO’Z HIDIN INSIDE? Dig into the shaping compound to find a figure hiding inside… will it be a sweet lil’ kitty, or a sneaky mouse invader? 
Look out for the Lost Kitties Mice Mania milk carton singles – which comes with 1 mouse or kitty figure, meme stickers, two hidden accessories, which could be moulds or stamps for more compound play and a collector’s sheet. Store the compound in the resealable carton so you can keep discovering over and over again. 
There are also the Lost Kitties Mice Mania cheese wheel singles. There’s no rest for the kitties when sneaky-but-sweet mice find their way into these drool-worthy little  wheels."

Go to Critter Rescue South Africa when you want to adopt a critter. They have the most beautiful "babies" that are available for adoption right now. These are just some of them.

Disclaimer: We got a Lost Kitties Mice Mania blog drop from Hasbro. We were not paid to mention them, but they are too cute not to!

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