Wednesday, 17 July 2019

Miss Fine 2019 mid-year update

Miss Fine SnapChat filter
Miss Fine faces

The updates and shares are getting less. Miss Fine is coming into her own. She is a very opinionated tween who thinks she knows better already. It's really fine! We are expecting it, and welcoming it!

We are scared. (For our sake, and for her.)

Delete. Delete. Write again. (What can't I say anymore?)

Everything happens with lots of drama, and behind-the-scenes angst, but in the end Miss Fine totally wins at what she does. She got such a good report card, and an award for exceptional performance with her scores from the previous semester. Grade 5 has definitely been a more relaxed year so far. 

She is practising for two drama monologues at the moment, and she does it so well. Now, just to convince her of it as well! Please hold thumbs for next week.

We love the talks we have with her. She questions the world and how it works. But she's also still very conservative in her views. (She lets me change radio stations when there is bad language in the songs.) We prefer this. She wants a smartphone so bad, but we are holding it at bay for just a little while longer. Luckily the school does not allow any devices.

It's not easy being a tween, and negotiating life as it is now. We don't always know the answers about friends and relationships. I hope we do you right, and that you won't be too angry at us for too long?

Send help wisdom our way!

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