Tuesday, 30 July 2019

MLP Friendship Day with the original Besties

MLP Cutie Mark Crew Rainbow Dash with mom and daughter photo in background
My Little Pony Cutie Mark Crew Collectable - Rainbow Dash

30 July is International Friendship Day 


Hasbro combines it with the release of My Little Pony Cutie Mark Crew Collectible range 

My Little Pony Cutie Mark Crew Confetti Blind Pack

Per usual Hasbro did a personalised blog drop with a Cutie Mark Crew Confetti Blind Pack. How cute is Rainbow Dash? There are 24 to collect in each series. (My *hoarder heart* is soooo happy!)

I don't think of my children as my Besties. We are mom and daughters, but I would like to think that we could talk and share about everything. The press release makes me think twice:
"Moms and dads are the first people we share our secrets with, the first people we laugh with, cry with and play with - they are truly a child’s first best friend!" 
Parents are the original Besties! I also believe that it is up to us, as parents, to ensure that we keep the friendship going by always being available, by not judging and by being in their corner. The more we listen and hear what they are saying, the more they will talk to us. (Preaching myself here, because I have been told countless of times that I should listen, and not speak too soon! (Thanks, Miss Fine, you teach me well!)

What do you think about being Besties with your kids?

We got the Cutie Mark Crew Confetti Blind pack, but there is also the Cutie Mark Crew playsets that combines two confetti blind packs with three Cutie Mark Crew themed characters. 
Get the party started by pulling the strings on the balloons and shaking out the colourful confetti to reveal the mystery pony, seapony, or Equestria Girls characters hidden inside. Available from ToysRus and Toy Kingdom stores. 
My Little Pony celebrates friendship with the pony friends sharing important lessons about friendship, love, honesty, and loyalty, mixed in with happiness and laughter. Each pony represents an element of harmony that helps spread these friendship values. Pinkie Pie represents laughter, Fluttershy - kindness, Applejack represents honesty, Rainbow Dash is all about loyalty, Rarity represents generosity and Twilight Sparkle the magic of friendship.

On this Friendship Day plan some fun activities with your original besties, My Little Pony style, and share your #MLPFriendshipDay moments by tagging @MyLittlePonySouthAfrica on FB.

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Disclaimer: We got a MLP Cutie Mark Crew Rainbow Dash and a personalised photo. Thanks so much, Hasbro and Atmosphere Communications.
We are not paid to write this.

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