Thursday, 25 July 2019

Disney Cookabout Season 3 - perfect to get us all out of the winter slump

Kirsten Mohamed and Mthunzi Ntoyi with the Disney Cookabout launch
Hosts Kirsten Mohamed and Mthunzi Ntoyi

Disney Cookabout Season 3 is launching with premiere episodes on Saturday from 27 July 10:15 am on Disney Channel 303

We attended the launch at The Good Food Studio yesterday. 

We now have a budding wannabe Cookabout contestant within our midst, because Miss Fine got a chance to display her culinary skills. She thinks she can take part in the next Season of Cookabout, as well! (Please notify us when you see the call for auditions? *big smile*)

In this cookery game show, set in South Africa, teams of two young chefs head out each week to explore where the food on our tables come from and then head back to the amazing kitchen to rustle up some tasty dishes. The hosts are Kirsten Mohamed and Mthunzi Ntoyi.

Tell the kids!

We got to see a sneak preview about the contestants, and some of it is in the Cookabout Behind the scenes tour from Disney Channel Africa video:

We are looking forward to it!

The Good Food Studio made it very easy for us to assemble our meals last night. Everything was measured and mostly cut already. Thank you so much! (I hate cooking, but this was totally bearable, and so yum!) Miss Fine made a Strawberry Mouse with Basil Cherry Salad and I made Biltong and Avo Tacos with Chunky Salsa. Of course the biltong was left out in my meal, and it was delicious as well. (Let me know if you want me to share the recipes). It's super easy.

Girl preparing a dish at The Good Food Studio
Miss Fine at work in The Good Food Studio 
Proud lady with her Taco meals at The Good Food Studio
I made that!
Mthunzi Ntoyi preparing food in oven
Mtunzi Ntoyi chceking on his creation - Disney Cookabout Season 3 launch 


1. We were invited to the Disney Cookabout launch, and got to make our own dinner, which was awesome. We also got the great hamper of groceries (see below). Check our upcoming food creations!

Disney Cookabout crate with food, plants and sauces
Disney Cookabout Season 3 
2. We are not sponsored to write this.

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