Friday, 25 January 2019

Miss Fine's Grade 5 Year

Mom and daughter selfie in car
School drop-off selfie: Miss Fine
This year has started much more relaxed with regards Miss Fine and being in Grade 5 this year. Last year we were anxious about Grade 4, which was a culture shock, but she aced it by doing very well in her first exams. So much so that she is getting an academic achievement award next week. We are so proud.

By now the Grade 5's are used to moving between teachers and classes. They have become accustomed to study, and they can do exams.

Miss Fine has signed up again for the choir, and netball, and drama, and hopefully dancing if she can fit it in between the other activities. Voortrekkers ("girl scouts") is also still a big thing, and they have signed up for their first camp of the year already. We are also still doing gymnastics, and she tells me she is never going to stop. Which is totally fine. Parent taxi driving duties are scheduled.

It seems we only have one issue this year. The Friday maths tests. The teacher give the learners a test of 20 math problems, where he flashes each problem for only 6 seconds. They have to write down the answer immediately. It is stressing Miss Fine immensely. She know her tables, but as soon as she has to do it in this format, she starts shaking and her anxiety levels go sky high. We have been practicing the tables before the time. Writing it down, asking her different variations, and even doing the tests where she draws it up herself.

I went to see the teacher during the parents' evening, but he was not very helpful. He says they have to get used to it. I agree that they have to be able to do maths in various situations. It is totally out of her learning style skill set, but we will have to teach her how to manage it. Today Miss Fine went to school with tissue salts (no 6) in her pocket, and lots of pep talks. Holding thumbs.

Do you have any suggestions in how to prepare for these types of tests?

Miss Fine, best of luck for Grade 5!
We are here for you.


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