Tuesday, 8 January 2019

Jasmine party for a 10-year old

Group photo of girls at Jasmine party
Aladdin party for girls
Miss Fine turned ten at the end of last year. She had a good year. She plans her own party for a whole year long. Every year. It's very elaborate, and we don't have the funds for it. Especially this year... Luckily she suggested to have her party at home because she did not want to invite too many friends. Usually all her friends are also on holiday, but this year we were lucky. Three friends were just the right number. The Jasmine party was a hit with the girls!

Prisma filter photo: Jasmine party - girls sitting at table on ground
Jasmine party
We decided on a Jasmine-themed birthday party with the help of Pinterest: Bedouin party ideas. We made use of scarves and belly dancing clothes. Part of the fun was dressing up. Actually, most of the fun was the dressing up, and deciding on which scarves to use. The lovely and inspiring Melanie came to do the girls make-up and their nails. Thanks, Melanie, you did a great job! They had so much fun.

Make-up girl doing nails at party
Melanie painting nails at Jasmine party

Melanie Jacobs doing make-up at Jasmine party for girls
Melanie doing Jasmine-themed make-up

Melanie Jacobs hugging girl with Jasmine-themed make-up
Melanie with the birthday girl, Miss Fine
What are we going to do next year?


  1. That looks lovely! A great idea. I am sure she will come up with something for next year. Nicky is already telling me what present he wants six months in advance!


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