Wednesday, 30 January 2019

When life loses it's meaning

Shweshwe heart and pen
A friend of mine had to try and save her daughter this week who only wants to die. Suicide, again, seemed like the best option. They have been struggling for over two years with depression, but we finally thought she had the Beast under control...

It rocked the mom! And her family! And her friends! We can't understand that a girl so beautiful and smart and who supposedly have "everything", don't seem to want to live. Life is so precious!

Depression is a big, ugly DISEASE!

She drank so much pills, and they had to rush her to hospital. She has been in ICU for three days with a ventilator, but it seems they are going to move her off the ventilator, and to a government hospital today. It's good news. Now there is again the long road ahead of her...

As a mom I can only imagine the heart break my friend is going through. She said that while trying to admit her daughter at hospital, they told her that her daughter will only be covered for three days. All she was thinking was: "Save my daughter! I don't care about anything else. Save her life!" Nothing else is more important than life. She said: "With life you can work, when there's death, there's nothing!"

So sorry, my friend. We feel so powerless!

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  1. Thinking of your friend and hope she will ok in a govt hospital. What a horrible thing. My sister is struggling with her 14 year old daughter who cut herself. You feel so powerless. All we can do is pray.


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